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Packerland Records Management (PRM) document storage offers secure, clean storage for your documents. We offer a no cost, no obligation consultation regarding you document management requirements. Should you decide to store your documents with PRM, a document consultant will input all of your item information into the database. Bar codes are affixed to your boxed-items for an organized, indexed storage.
When your documents are stored with PRM, we provide the following services:

Records Storage


  • Boxes
  • Files
  • Documents

Indexing Delivery

  • Regular Same Day
  • Emergency “STAT”
  • After Hours

Life Cycle Management

Retention Scheduling

Imaging and Data Migration

Confidential Destruction and Shredding


Media Vaulting

Think about it – What element is more vital to your organization’s continuity than your data? It represents one of your most precious assets. It is unique to your business. If lost in a catastrophic event such as fire, flood, power outage, viruses or sabotage it can affect the survival of your business. Packerland is an industry leader in providing information security services to businesses. Packerland provides a full offering of Disruption Recovery (DR) Media Services and is a vital link in your disruption recovery process.

High Security Media Storage

Packerland’s media storage vaults are modern, secure, and dedicated exclusively to computer media. Packerland offers the ultimate in high security and design, Packerland Media Services provides:

  • UL-rated, fire-resistant media vaults
  • Class A security system with over 60 points of protection
  • Controlled access and video surveillance
  • Temperature and humidity controlled environment ensuring longevity of your media

Retrieval/Inventory Managment

Think about it – What element is more vital to your organization’s continuity than your data?

24 Hours, 365 Days a Year

Service is available 24 hours, 365 days a year on a scheduled or emergency basis. Our media vaults are managed by a fully trained staff who understand the complexity of maintaining a commercial media storage and inventory control system.

  • Courier service to suit your schedule, including night and weekend service
  • Unmarked, high-security vehicles
  • Rapid emergency delivery service 24/365
  • Off-site vaulting software with FTP connectivity
  • Barcode scan verification
  • Flexible, real-time reporting
  • Scheduled media vault audits
  • Media exception reporting
  • Specially designed media storage and transfer cases

Packerland Media Services takes a step beyond media storage by supplying the following services:

  • Disruption recovery response team available 24/365
  • Support for disruption recovery exercises
  • Secure hot-site transportation services
  • Data center FTP of critical DR inventory and documentation
  • Data center relocation services

Destruction Services and Shredding

Retention Scheduling

Packerland Records Management will design a destruction system that fits your needs. PRM promotes the prompt accurate destruction of records. Our technology will alert you when your records are due for destruction by sending you an automatic detailed report for your review. Upon approval by authorized personnel, PRM will arrange the destruction of those records and give you a Certificate of Destruction once finished. This will allow for reduced storage costs and reduced legal liability issues.

Secured Bin Rotation

New legislation and regulations are placing increasing demands on the swift and thorough shredding of critical information. Disposing sensitive documents in traditional waste receptacles or open recycling baskets can put your company at risk. At PRM, we offer secure document shredding and bin rotation programs, the most effective and confidential methods for discarding important information. These locking containers can then be emptied and the contents shredded on either an as needed basis or via regularly scheduled intervals. Placing these secured bins in high traffic areas where photocopying or faxing services are most prevalent offers PRM customers the best possible solution in preventing a common security risk associated with theft of business information.

Bin Rotation

Why use open wastebaskets or recycling bins when PRM can provide secured repositories for the safeguarding of critical information. You have two styles to choose: 200-pound capacity, heavy gauge plastic mobile toter or a 100-pound capacity, stationary executive cabinet. Both are locked and tracked by advanced barcode technology. Customized rotation schedules are available and all rotations are performed by PRM personnel and vehicles. Shredding is then performed and, upon completion, a Certificate of Destruction is issued.

Drop Off and Delivery

Packerland Records Management will drop off your shred bins, boxes and cabinents for free, and we’ll pick them up on a set schedule, or whenever they fill up. You decide what to shred, we’ll take care of the rest.

Packerland Records Management provides complete, flexible and secure storage for all kinds of business records. Our clients have access to their records and magnetic media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pick-up and delivery of materials is available during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday) and immediate pick-up and delivery is also available 24 hours a day, upon request.

Access is not limited to a box, but can be more specific, down to a single file folder if necessary. We provide the same flexibility you have in your own office. The advantage is in safety, security and saving money.

Your records are tracked on our new state of the art computer system allowing for quick, accurate identification by Packerland Records Management and by you. Our system allows you to establish retention periods for your records and will automatically generate notices to you enabling you to decide whether or not to destroy them.

For more information regarding document storage, including pricing, contact us at (877) 345-3728 or send an email to

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